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WENT Africa

Friday, December 16, 2005

I hope you are all having a great time and putting into use what we learnt at the workshop.

I am trying to creat a blog for my organisation i will send you the details when i finish.
Have a great chrismas holidays and remember to bright the corner where you are.

Best wishes

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Monday, December 12, 2005

Dear members
Greetings to you all
Let me hope that you arrived safely and you have already relaxed after a heavy training week. Me am at my work station with many things on my table since i was away for a whole week but am catching up.

Am so greatful to the WENT 2005. Thank you all for your effotrs. I must thank APC African Women, Women's Net and Ballenet Africa.
I must say that i had a wonderful time during training and i learnt alot of things.
I was able to utilise the Ubuntu CDs, they are very interesting.
At least i have gone through all the programs. They are very interesting. Track 2 if you have not interacted with the Ubuntu CDS.Please try them out.You will like them.
Loyce Kyogabirwe
Isis-WICCE Uganda

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Friday, December 09, 2005

About Josephine Nakato
Nakato Josephine Kakande is Ugandan, and works in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Makerere University, where she teaches an ICT course among others. She is attending the WENT 2005 Workshop because she wants to learn how to administer a LINUX server and use other FOSS tools. She also wants to learn how other women organisations operate, and overcome the challenges they face.

Josephine learnt about the workshop from the UGABYTES mailing list to which she is subscribed. After the workshop, Josephine is planning to incorporate more about FOSS in the ICT course she teaches. In addition to and raising awareness about FOSS, she also plans to implement the practical skills she gained.

Josephine's work is centred around ICTs, as not only does she teach and constantly learn about them, but also works constantly with them. In her view ICTs have improved the lives of women a lot. Women are now able to communicate globally, sharing and acquiring knowledge, skills and experience. In the field of ICTs, the sky is the limit for women, both as technical persons and as end users!

Josephine wakes up thanking God for each new day filled with opportunities to learn, develop and contribute what she can!

Profile by Florence, Malawi.

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Vivian Butamanya's Profile
Vivian is a ugandan lady aged 29. She is a university graduate with a BA.ED .She works with Akina Mama wa Afrika (AMwA). AMwA is a Women Human rights organisation that trainsAfrican women in leadership development.She works as an Administrative Assistant.

Vivian wants to venture into ICTs, that is why she was interested in attending this workshop in order to integrate use of ICTs in their activities and how ICts can be atool towards Women's empowerment.

She has apprecited so much in this workshop because she has come to learn how to manage ICT project e.g Technology assesssment, Technology needs, Benchmarks and how to use Open Free soft ware.

PLease ladies let us keep in contact so we can learn more between the two tracks. Hey track 1(Techies) keep up the skills.

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All the fun in Track 1 for the Techies
Track 1 has been intense and fun. Here are some our our captured moments doing our thing on Ubuntu!

First, All participants of the workshop

Track 1 Session Photos

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Last day of WENT AFRICA 2005
Am pleased to meet and interact gender advocates in the use of ICTs for development. Its the last day and am here wishing for yet another training like this. Because it amazes me to see women who are not only mothers but also have a passion for gender and ICTs usage. I happened to interact with everyone but i have failed to chose who is more charming and who is not, because there all the same loving hardworking mothers.
Lets make this happen for the African woman, since we have been always left behind in everything. I know with more workshops and trainings like this, we will be able to overcome every obstacle hindering our advancemnet.

Big thanks to APC and all partners who have made this happen.

Go ladies


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Florence Matewere
Florence Matewere from Malawi works with the National College of Information Technology (NACIT), which offers ICT courses to both the public and private sector. In her line of work as an ICT trainer, she provides training in ICT skills as well as offering support to users. Florence also works part-time with women organisations such as African Women Organisation on ICT-related issues such as ICT training and setting up networks for them.

Prior to the workshop, aside from using OpenOffice, Florence had not had much experience with the use of FOSS and so the skills she has gained during this workshop are going to be put to good use.

Florence learnt about WENT Africa through the AISI mailing list to which she subscribes, and is all geared up to pass on what she has learnt from the workshop when she gets back to Malawi!

What's more, NACIT has been considering adding FOSS to their training courses, and therefore this workshop could not have come at a more opportune time for Florence. She's also anticipating raising FOSS awareness in the women's organisations where she works.

She believes that ICTs enhance the welfare of women as they enable them to communicate, share knowledge and attain a level of financial independence as they are able to advertise and purchase goods. Florence centres her life on God, her family and her work.

Josephine, Uganda.

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Lake Victoria this morning

Beautiful view from the Hotel International early this morning

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Joyce is a young Ghanaian lady fresh from the university and studied Itegrated Development Studies and now works as the project officer incharge of women development in CITRED. CITRED- Centre for Information Technologies Research and Development an NGO base in Tamale. CITRED is set up with a vision to bridge the digital divide between the northern sector of Ghana and the southern sector and the rest of the world and to help people of the north make informed decisions through the use of various ICT tools.

Jouce prefers to be called Apoasaan, she loves making friends,singing and dancing and to learn new things. Joyce believes ICTs is a key to poverty reduction especially the marginalised, women forming the majority in this group.

Joyce got to know of this workshop through the internet and applied to learn about FOSS since her current area in the project is to introduce women of the northern sector to ICTs.

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Hi every one

Please meet Brenda Burrell from Zimbabwe. She works with Kubatana.net, 'Kubatana' meaning "working together". Brenda's roles in the organisation include the following; she is the Technical Director responsible for the website mailing list, network, technical training and finance. She got to know about the training through APC mailing list. Reasons for attending the workshop are that she wants to be able to maintain Linux servers and to introduce NGOs TO FOSS, Kubatana.net inclusive.

She is planning to share her outcomes by running training workshops in FOSS in her training facilites and plans to coordinate with commercial Linux support organisation to promote and facilitate FOSS in the NGO community.Personally ICTs have enabled her to run her own business, exposed her to training and travelling opportunties.

she says ICTs have greatest role in improving the lives of a woman in helping her excel shoulder to shoulder with men.

Now what makes Brenda hip hip in the morning is little Basta, her youngest dog. Something interesting about Basta is that he likes execises as early as 5:00 am, and so.... Brenda has to leave her bed by 5:00 am and help Basta do the excercise!

Brenda loves cycling, art, animals and finally she loves her country Zimbabwe.

Profile compiled by
Jane Nabwire

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Shopping in Kampala

We had wednesday afternoon off to explore Kampala, rest or do some shopping (definitely the most popular choice!) Here are Lillian and Rachel trying to decide what to buy.

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Daphne KAKONGE'S French Profile
riginaire de l'Ouganda, elle est membre de l'organisation non gouvernementale WOUNGNET Women of Uganda Network, et y travaille en tant que assistante technique et officier d'opération ; il s'agit de l'aimable Daphne KAKONGE.

Elle a répondu favorablement à l'invitation du Séminaire parce que passionnée par les TIC's, elle était interressée par les FOSS(free open source software) et voulait se familiariser avec en découvrant tous les avantages et les facilités qu'ils offrent. Elle aime aussi rencontrer de nouvelles personnes parce que c'est toujours un plaisir de partager avec des gens qu'on ne connait pas avant, partage d'expérience se faire de nouveaux amis.

Elle à pris connaissance de ce Workshop par un e-mail de l'APC et elle compte partager l'expérience qu'elle à obtenu ici dans un premier temps avec le staff administratif de l'ONG et discuter avec eux la façon de le partager ensuite avec le large public de l'ouganda .

Deja le fait d'utiliser l'Internet comme outil de communication lui as permit de vite se familiariser au TICs, elle ne peut plus s'en passer, d'ailleurs personne aujourd'hui ne s'en passe.

L'impact positif qu'on les NTICs dans la vie des femmes : elle l'exprime ici par des expériences vécues dans son ONG

Elle dans leur ONG distribué des téléphones au femmes rurales, ces dernières étaient surexcitées de pouvoir parler à leurs enfants, amis, membres de familles très loin d'elles
Dans le souci d'améliorer la production agricole, le WOUNGNET à un centre d'information où les femmes peuvent venir demander des conseils ou poser des questions concernant le domaine, les questions sont soumises à un spécialiste qui trouve des solutions et les notes sur un papier, le document est ensuite lu à la chaine de radio en langue locale, ainsi plusieurs personnes profitent à la fois du conseil donné par le spécialiste.

La vie est dynamique, et nous sommes appelés tous les jours à apprendre pour améliorer notre condition de vie ainsi que celle de ceux qui sont autour de nous.

Elle dit, chaque jour pour elle est une opportunité de dire merci à Dieu, c la chose à laquelle elle pense en premier lorsqu'elle se réveille.

Elle aime se poser des questions sur elle-même et sa relation avec ses proches, question de l'améliorer, et de voir si elle peut poser un geste qui leur fasse plaisir.
Elle aime rire sourire et blaguer parceque tout ceci constitut la combinaison de meilleur destressant qui existe au monde.
Elle aime sa famille et rend grace tous les jours à Dieu de lui avoir donné une famille merveilleuse famille comme la sienne et elle dit je cite “les amis on les choisis, mais on ne choisis pas sa famille, c'est Dieu qui fait pour nous le judicieux choix” fin de citation.

Edith Tchimeu- Cameroon

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Itayi is the information officer for Southern Alliance for Indigenous Resources.At first Itayi appears to be a shying person but get close to her... she's got such a good sense of humour she will make you laugh and laugh till you can laugh no more.

Itayi is from Zimbabwe, she lives and works there, she loves to read, surf the internet, cook and sing especially gosple songs, infact Itayi is a born again and believes in Christ. She loves to make people happy and she's generally nice to people.

Itayi got wind of this workshop from a friend and applied to learn more about FOSS and share it with her co-workers. According to her ICTs have made her more confident because she now gets what ever information she needs to work with hence it helps her make valued judgements and choices in life.
WHat makes Itayi tick at the moment, hahaha...The fact that My Redeemer Liveth and that God hears prayers. Oh Itayi is still single byt soon will be getting married to Tamani Nhkono-Mvula from Malawi and you are all invited to her wedding on March 11, 2006 in Harare Zimbabwe.


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I am pleased to introduce to you my new found friend, Rokhaya Ndiour from Senegal at WENT AFRICA 2005.

She works with eRider Project called xamxam-africa funded by OSIWA(Open Society Initiative for West Africa). Xamxam-africa aims to help Organisations to exploit opportunities offered by ICT, assess their needs, to propose durable solutions of lesser cost, privileging technology planning, technical support and capacity building.

She says that as an eRider Technichal software trainer, her job is to assess NGO’s needs and find solutions. Sometimes:
Building websites;
Creating data bases application
Training in how to Manage a website by CMS(Content Management System);
Helping NGO’s to have technology planning
Giving technichal support to the NGOs staff;
Enhance capacity building for NGOs staff with a view to making them autonoumous in their work.

She says that her main reason of attending this workshop is that as webdeveloper, instead of working on an environment called WAMP (Windows-Apache-MySql-PHP), really want to move on Linux so that she will be able to use LAMP platform (Linux-Apache-MySql-PHP).

This workshop represents a real opportunity to receive and to share my knowledge on the possibilities that FOSS products offer in takes advantage of non profit organization.
She learnt about the workshop through the mailing list of Linux Chix Afica
Rokhaya says that at the moment West African eRiders have a group discussion which she manages. In order for her colleques at home to feel the workshop,she would send daily report to the group and when she arrives at her country,will share the skills acquired with colleagues at eRiders so that we will be able to practice it on our office and to NGOs.

ICTs really enhanced her life, it makes life easy for her. With ICTs, She had the opportunities to help a lot of people to be comfortable with the technology.

She ask the reception to call her every morning at 6 o’clock because she forget her alarm and
likes to discover news things so that she’ll be able to have more skills, to teach and transfer her competences.

Nwanneka Akabuike

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Simbiso Marimbe-Marasha
I have known Simbiso from wayback in Zimbabwe when we met at some workshop and it also turned out that I had gone to school with her big sis. But the truth is i did not really know her until I took time to talk to her and discover what makes her tick, tick, tick.
She is Married to Peason and they have a son called Psalm and she hope to teach him to use ICTs.
Simbiso is from Zimbabwe and she works for the Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Developement as their Information and Communications Officer. She lernt about this workshop through an email she got from a friend of hers.

She decided to attend the workshop so as to learn more on FOSS applications, and ICTs as tools for developement.The skills she is getting Simbi says will be used to enhance her output at work and also will be shared with her other staff members at work.

Simbi says the use of ICts has saved a lot of her time, resources and opened so many opotunities for her to learn and share information. Simbi thinks ICTs have raised the awreness for many women by making available a vast pool of information.

Now now now, lets get to knowing what makes Simbi tick tick tick......
" The fact that I know where to go, what to do and what not to do, the enlightenment, the hope, and the faith that there is God"
Simbi would want us all to keep intouch and continue sharing information. She is proud to be a man with a woumb= WOMAN

Profile compliled by Itayi Mary Mtetwa

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Jane Nabwira
Jane is the Project IT Officer for the Reflect ICT Project, an organisation operating in rural western Uganda. She is based in Fortportal and is responsible for server administration, support and training. Where necessary Jane also assists as a procurement adviser for IT equipment. The project has implemented 5 wireless network points as at December 2005 in 5 rural villages and intends to have a further 17 up and running in January 2006.

She heard about the Went Africa 2005 FOSS workshop through the i-Network mailing list. i-Network is an association of ICT practitioners for development. She is keen to build her skills in FOSS – especially in the area of server administration. Reflect ICT currently use the KDE desktop environment and FOSS applications like Firefox.

Jane has learnt a lot at this workshop and is keen to share her new knowledge with her management and colleagues. In particular she hopes to share and implement the Wiki and Blog concepts with them.

ICT's have made an important contribution to Jane's professional life – particularly in the area of wireless networking. She is particularly impressed with the impact IT has by making timeous and relevant information available to marginalised communities. In particular, she feels that this information improves, informs, empowers and enhances women's lives.

Seeing the lives of marginalised women improve as a result of the work that Reflect ICT does motivates Jane to work harder at finding new and creative ways to keep information flowing to them.

Some of Jane's spare time is spent relaxing watching movies and listening to Christian music. She loves her mother, Helen Acam who worked tirelessly as a single mother to provide Jane with a future. She loves God an acknowledges that “I am what I am because of Him”.

- Brenda, Zimbabwe

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Experiences from WentAfrica 2005: Melissa Loudon
This is a profile on Melissa Loudon, a Track II participant in the WentAfrica2005.

Melissa comes from Cape Town in South Africa. She completed her studies at the University of Cape Town recently and is looking forward to take up an appointment with Cell-Life, a company based in Cape Town.

Melissa applied to attend the WentAfrica workshop inorder to gather experience and form links in a field in which she is going to be professionally involved. Meeting participants who are practitioners and, or are experienced in ICT during the workshop is an additional reason for attending the workshop.

Melissa is a member of the LINUX CHIX mail list, and this is how she learnt about the Went Africa 2005. From this week-long training, she will what to share the skills she has acquired with someone else.

Melissa's life has been enhanced by technology in various ways. From a personal perspective, Melissa says , 'I have enjoyed doing work related to ICTs. This has added value to my life. I believe I have learnt useful skills that will be useful to others with whom I will work and interact.' In addition, I have been able to travel Kampala. I see the skills I have acquired and the experiece I have developed contributing to my career.

'It is a cup of coffee!' she says. 'This is what gets me up in the morning!

In all, Melissa says she has enjoyed Uganda.

Eunice Nyamasyo, Kenya.

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who is Dr.eunice nyamasyo
by Salma Ahmed-Sudan
she is
Dr.eunice nyamasyo came from Kenya to particapate wentafrica 2005 in track2,she is the coordinator & the secertory of Kenya Initiatives for Devolopement Kid projects activities.
whe she hear about the workshop from the AGI (AFRICAN GENDER INSTITUTE),she came to learn new skills & to to stablish links & Network with the other life mind orginaization.
but how can Dr. eunice share what she learn here?
she said: I will call ameeting with the orginization staff & give hars and soft copy report about the work shop.also I will share my experience with my colleges in the other orginizations.
Dr eunice,how the ICT enhance your life?
1.it made my work easier & more effieciant.
2.enable me to communicate easily wih the other world .
eunice ,what role does ICTs have in improving the lives of women?
its devolope of health services to women
devoloping the eguipment made her work easier.
This is Dr eunice how you find here


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Gorretti Zavuga Amuriat.
She is a ugandan working with Women of Uganda's Network (WOUGNET).
she works as the ICT programme manager for the named organisation. She attended the workshop as a trak 2 member dealing with technology planning.

To her attending the WENT AFRICA 2005 training was mainly to learn more about FOSS tools and get to know more on what it takes her organisation to develope in technology needs and to share knowledge with other networks throughout Africa.

Since she subscribed to Wougnet mailing list and her organisation is a partners with APC Africa it was an opportunity for her to learn about the workshop of wich she applied to with urgency.

Her plans on how to share what she has learnt from the workshop are many but among them she happened to share with me the following:
-A report to the organisation staff about the workshop
-Intentions of expanding the technology neeeds identified and operationalise some of them.
-Advocate for use of FOSS to Wougnet members.

ICTs have enhanced her life personally by making her office work easier, improve on herbcommunication standards and saving her time and money.

To her ICTs have done a great improvement in the lives of women through giving relevant development information eg in marketing, Agricultural methods,fight aganist HIV(AIDS)and
communication of sensitive information like family hygiene has been made easier.

She said that if it was not because of praying and household cores in the morning she is one person who enjoys bed that she would probably go up to some late hours.

Thats the E-lady i ha[ppened to talk to.

Lwanga, Uganda.

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[Went Africa 2005 ] Participants/Nwanneka Profile
I have interviewed my new friend .
Her name is Nwanneka Akabuike, she is from Nigeria.

She works with an organization called KnowledgeHouseAfrica.
KnowledgeHouseAfrica is an organization that enpowers youth and women with skills and knowledge using ICTs to eradicate poverty and bridge digital divide . Major programmes are e-youth, women training and ICT4 rural dwellers.

Basically, her job consist of preparing database for different networks (telephone, operators) by creating a signalling link for them, configuring trunks (channels) for passage of data, text, video and images. She also does training for women specially young women on the use of ICT to better their life.

She is attending this workshop to have more understanding of FOSS and build her capacity as a trainer that uses FOSS to train young women in the city and rural areas. To learn from and network with her co-participants for technology support in Africa.

She learnt about this workshop trough the internet and plans to share what she gets here by sending daily report to the organizations and friends . Organize a training for the women working with her and other women.

ICT enhanced her life in content management movement from paper documentations to almost paperless documentations, manipulation of data and networking.

She thinks that ICT can improve the life of women in agriculture, health and education. With ICTs, women can network all over the world to build their capacity, access to information and communication.

She likes travelling to new places, reading and meeting new friends. She believes that people (friends) are her greatest asset and must impact her generation positively especially Africa women.

Rokhaya Ndiour

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Meet Edith Tchimeu
Edith is from Cameroon and works with an organisation called ASAFE(Association pour le Soutien et vappuie a la Femme Entrepreneur)as the network administrator and trainer. She is attending WENT 2005 as a Track One participant.

To Edith, WENT presents an opportunity for her to learn more about FOSS especially Linux in which she has great interest. She is happy to be around beautiful ladies who are interested in Gender, IT and work with ICTs. WENT presents an opportunity to share experiences about her organisation as well as the different women organisations represented here on how ICTs have impacted the lives of women and how women can be encouraged to pick interest in ICTs

Edith learnt about WENT through the mailing list her boss is subscribed to. With what she has learnt at the workshop, she hopes to not only share with her collegues but also the female students at the ASAFE training centre where she is a Network Trainer. She plans to organise a training workshop where she will demonstrate the use of FOSS and its different applications. The Cisco Certified Women of Cameroron mailing list is another way she intends to share what she has learnt at the workshop.

ICTs have changed Edith's life in a number of ways. For someone who studied secretarial studies on campus and had the use of the different ICTs as a course unit, her curiosity was aroused and she has risen to the point of being able to create networks between computers as well as share and train others on how to use the ICTs and this gives her a sense of joy. ICTs like computer and mobile phones have made communication easier.

ICTS present women with an opportunity to set up e-businesses and the less literate in particular the rural women in Cameroon have been able to learn how to make soap and detergent, do colour seperation (tie and dye)of materials through demonstrative videos and CDs that are in the local language.

What wakes Edith up in the morning........... her nephew whom she loves very much. His child like innocence and sense of humour appeal to her. Life is a learning process and everyday on earth is an opportunity to learn something new and yes, share with others.

Something else to know about Edith is she is totally greatful to God for the opportunity to be alive and knows that He loves her. She also likes people, making friends as well as spending time with children.

Daphne, Uganda

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E-Sudan: Profiling Salma Ahmed M Hessian
Profile By Simbiso Marimbe

I met with Salma Ahmed M Hessian in Kampala, Uganda, at the FOSS Workshop for Women. On the third day of our encounter i had the opportunity to talk to her about who she really is and her experiences at the workshop. Here is what the world must know about the e-enabled Salma.
Who is Salma?
Salma Ahmed M Hessian comes from Sudan. She works for the Sudanese Women Society for ICTs as a Network Engineer. She said she came to the workshop with the hope of learning more about FOSS and to network with other women in the field of ICTs. She learnt about the workshop through an email that was sent to her by a colleague in the organisation.
Her life and ICTs
Salma said she will apply the skills acquired from this workshop in her work at the Sudanese Women Society for ICTs. I asked her how ICTs have enhanced or not enhanced her life personally and she said, " ICTs have given me access to a lot of information that was beyongd my borders in a short sspace of time. Now I have access to information that I may never have found without ICTs.
On what role ICTs have in improving the lives of women, Salma had this to say, " ICTs have brought convinience for women because for instance, with a laptop and the internet, one can work from home. In fact women can now participate in other activities online and have more experience of the outside world through various ICT facilities.
What Gets Her Up in the Morning?
Salma said: " Just the mere fact that I have the capacity and responsibility to contibute to the development of my society, makes me tick!"
For the Record...Salma hopes to continue to work and network with other women in the field of ICTs so get her details and keep in touch with her!
But who is Simbiso?........watch this space!

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Bonolo Kgoarai's Profile
Bonolo Kgoarai is from South Africa and works for SOUL BEAT AFRICA as an online editor for the website which entails uploading content on the site regarding and communication for change and development in Africa.

She is attending the workshop because she believes it is crucial for women to bridge the information divide gap, and a lot of women should be using ICTs in thier work. The workshop has given her useful insight on how many women are using ICTs to reach their organisational objectives.

Bonolo learn't about the workshop on Soul Beat Africa website www.comminit.com/africa/

Bonolo will share with her team the importance of having a technology plan of her organisation and will include women organisations that have participated on this workshop and write about what they do around Africa on the Soul Beat Africa website.

She says ICTS have made it easier for her to access information all over the world and reliable means of communication in her working enviroment. She also feels ICTs have improved women's lives by giving them access to information all over the world regarding thier work and challenges as women living in Africa.

''The thought that God has given me another day to live gets me up in the morning.''

Bonolo's hopes for the future in Africa regarding women is to see women uniting , advocating and working towards a better place for our children and a safe and better place to live in.

Interview conducted by Helena Ishaku Iko

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The E- Feminist : Meet Helena Ishaku Iko
Helena is from Nigeria and works for the International Center for Reproductive Health and Sexual Rights (INCRESE). Her work involves outreaches to communities, counselling services to women and young people and she stresses the fact that she is a FEMINIST. Helena has attended the WentAfrica2005 workshop with the hopes of learning more about using Information Communication Technologies in women organisations. She is interested in using ICTs to achieve her organisational goals and objectives which is creating an enabling environment and expanding access to sexual reproductive health rights information and services.

Helena got to know about this workshop on the internet at www.nigeria.net.org. She is convinced that all the insightful information that she has learned at the workshop she will use it to create more access to information and services on reproductive health and sexual rights; and she will organise an in-house training session for all the staff at INCRESE. She has learned a lot about women around Africa not having access to ICTs, money and time hence her passion to encourage INCRESE to open a cyber cafe for women and young girls.

ICTs have enhanced her life personally because she has been able to have access to the world within a twinckle of an eye...It has made her work interesting, safer and easier. She strongly believes that ICTs play an important role in empowering women with information.

''The thought that I can face the day with a smile because Christ lives - and I can do ALL things through HIM, gets me up in the morning!!''

Helena is a very straight forward person who knows what she wants out of life and also full of energy!!!

Interview conducted by Bonolo Kgoarai

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Helena Ishaku Iko's Profile
Helena is from Nigeria and works for the International Center for Reproductive Health and Sexual Rights (INCRESE). Her work involves outreaches to communities, counselling services to women and young people and she stresses the fact that she is a FEMINIST. Helena has attended the WentAfrica2005 workshop with the hopes of learning more about using Information Communication Technologies in women organisations. She is interested in using ICTs to achieve her organisational goals and objectives which is creating an enabling environment and expanding access to sexual reproductive health rights information and services.

Helena got to know about this workshop on the internet at www.nigeria.net.org. She is convinced that all the insightful information that she has learned at the workshop she will use it to create more access to information and services on reproductive health and sexual rights; and she will organise an in-house training session for all the staff at INCRESE. She has learned a lot about women around Africa not having access to ICTs, money and time hence her passion to encourage INCRESE to open a cyber cafe for women and young girls.

ICTs have enhanced her life personally because she has been able to have access to the world within a twinckle of an eye...It has made her work interesting, safer and easier. She strongly believes that ICTs play an important role in empowering women with information.

''The thought that I can face the day with a smile because Christ lives - and I can do ALL things through HIM, gets me up in the morning!!''

Helena is a very straight forward person who knows what she wants out of life and also full of energy!!!

Interview conducted by Bonolo Kgoarai

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Loyce's experience
Its been nice knowing you ladies. I must say that i have been blessed to be part of went 2005.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our facilitators. I really learnt a lot of things which i didnt know a case in point is blogging.
Tomorrow is our last day. I will miss you all as you go back to your respective countries try to keep in touch.
I love you all
Have safe journies to you all till we meet again.


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Meet the WENT Africa 2005 group
WENT Africa 2005 participants and trainers outside the East African Center for Open Source Software (EACOSS) in Nakawa, Kampala.

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Unix and Linux Tutorials
Today, track 1 has been doing and introduction to the Linux filesystem. Here are some tutorials on how to start using the command line:




More general Linux tutorials:




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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Participants Profiles - Click on comments to read!
Hi all

This is day three of our training workshop. I guese most of you have intereviewed at least one participant. Please add your profile by clicking on comments on this post.

Thanks Maggie! Friends - click on comments and meet the WENT Africa 2005 participants.

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Track 2 participants vivian & loyce
Hi all
Hope you are enjoying the training
This is the third day of the week, we are only left with two days to the end of the workshop and say goodbyes.

However we still nedd more light on how to create ablog. Shame!!

Vivian and Loyce

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Day 3 at Went Africa 2005
The day so far is interesting. The tools dmonstration is not as technical as we thought it was going to be. Its interesting learning new things. What would we do without you girls

Itayi and Joyce the hypotheticals

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Day 3 at WENT Africa 2005
The morning was cooler than yesterday as we boarded the bus to the venue. Yesterday was very noisy at the Hotel International. Participants and trainers alike are tired and bleary eyed. But we shall continue bravely. Today we are spending the morning demonstrating cool tools! This afternoon we shall have a break to go shopping.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Group work

Track two participants are hard at work in groups with the technology planning process - today we undertook a technology assessment, and identified some technology needs (there were many!)

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Day 2 @ WENT Africa
The weather was cooler today as we made our way in the bus from out hotel to the workshop venue. We worked in our separate tracks - the 'techies' installing ubuntu and the 'tech planners' deepening their technology plans. It is the end of the day and some of us are sitting together talking about the day.

From trainers perspective the day went well. There seems to be a good energy with participants engaged in animated discussions - trainers having to tear them away to take their tea and their lunch. A participant here agrees - "That's really true!" Brenda observed that Track 1 had flexible trainers who were prepared to go to places they had not been before. This caused chaos in certain spaces and success in others. Melissa's screen is still talking gobledeegook! Strange messages flicking across her screen but it was solved by the end of the day.

Salma feels brain dead and can't think of anything right now. Fatima (a trainer) is slumped down in a chair exhausted but she seems satisfied with the day.

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Day 1 of WENT Africa
22 women participants from 12 African countries, 4 participants and 1 facilitator – that’s the mix for WENT Africa 2005 being held in Kampala. Women from Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Uganda, Cameroon, Zambia, Sudan, Cameroon, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Senegal are participating in the second WENT Africa workshop being hosted by APC-Africa-Women. The morning of day 1 was spent with introductions and expectations as well as formal welcomes by the workshop hosts and partners. APC-Africa-Women as convenor welcomed participants. Partners WOUGNET, Women’sNet, Isis-WICCE, Linux Chix Africa and Bellanet-Africa said words of welcome and support. HIVOS was acknowledged and thanked as the donor and partner who made the workshop possible.

The rest of the morning was spent on a roundtable discussion with inputs on gender, ICTs and FOSS. Many participants who work in rural-based organisations expressed concerns around the lack of access to facilities that enable safe and reliable electronic communication. More about this later…

In the afternoon participants split into Tracks with track 1 focussing on techie skills and track 2 on technology planning. Before leaving for our welcoming dinner, the tracks reconvened and started work on their joint projects -- the ‘techies’ acting as consultants to the technology planners. We will upload more information on the technology projects being discussed.

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Introduction Exercise!
On day one you will have been given a task to do - to interview a participant and report on the results of your interview on the blog. This is how you do it: scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the icon that says "IBlogger". You will then be asked to fill in a user name and password, once you have filled this in, click on the page for "new post". Please use the name of the person you interviewed as the title of your post, and remember to end off your post with your name.........If you need help, just ask a trainer! - Sally

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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Behind the scenes - preparing for WENT Africa 2005

People are busy behind the scenes preparing for the arrival of participants. Here are some photographs of the people and the places. - Jenny

Above Fatima and Vincent at the workshop venue. On the right Lilian and Abu working on materials preparation.

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Why WENT Africa 2005? Why FOSS?

Some of the trainers are already here in Kampala. We're sitting on the balcony of the International Hotel overlooking Lake Victoria using Uganda Telcom's wireless hotspot. We are busy preparing for the arrival of the participants and the start of WENT Africa 2005.

A bit of background to why APC-Africa-Women are hosting this workshop....
WENT Africa training workshops aim to build the capacities of women and their organisations in Africa to utilise new Information and Communication Technologies in social development work and policy advocacy. APC-Africa-Women held the first WENT Africa workshop in 2003 with a focus on the strategic use of ICTs . The focus of WENT Africa 2005 is Free and Open Source Software Solutions (FOSS) in women's organisations in Africa. Building awareness and support for the use of FOSS. [You can read more about this at http://www.apcafricawomen.org/went2005

This workshop is being organised and conceptualised by APC-Arica-Women with funding from HIVOS. We are partnering with Women'sNet, WOUGNET, Linux Chix Africa, Isis-WICCE and Bellanet-Africa.

Watch this space for more news, stories, photo's from the participants and trainers. - Jenny

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Hello All,
Its Saturday morning and I am sitting on the balcony of the Hotel International , just to the side of the pool. I am not in the pool (well not at this time anyway). The table is littered with laptops, digital cameras and cables.
Its 2 days before the start of the WENTAFRICA 2005 workshop and we are busy with trainers' preparations. The setting is quite relaxed as I am trying to figure out why my laptop is misbehaving in the midst of a very fast wireless connection. The ultimate bane of my life is technology that misbehaves.
In the meantime, thank you Bellanet Africa for the fabulous hotel choice!! Looking forward to meeting the workshop participants.

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WENT 2003 - Cape Town

This is a picture of participants and trainers in WENT 2003. The training took place in Cape Town, South Africa and focussed on strategic use of ICT's. We did some work on gender and ICT policy, and tools for collaborative content. We also did some work on developing audio for the Internet.

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Friday, December 02, 2005

Welcome to the Women's Electronic Networking Training Blog! This is a space for sharing and learning about each other, and about the training. Please feel free to use the Blog to share your WENT experience! - Sally